Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 3)

Justin organized a "Rogers Half Marathon" this year. He mapped out a course along the beach and helped everyone stay pumped with training the months before the "race". Dad wanted to participate, but couldn't do the running, so that is why he decided to do his long bike ride. Sam, Rachel, Sarah, Megan, Justin, Spencer and Skye all ran on the race day.  They were up at 5:30 AM and all were finished by 8 AM.  Mom, dad, Bryce, Brandon, and I were the photographers and cheerleaders.  The running crew was exhausted by the end of the run, but all involved were proud to accomplish their goal to finish a half-marathon. 

Hanging out on the beach was great. It included reading books, playing in the water, building sand castles, skim boarding, body surfing, sun tanning, sleeping, eating, bocce ball, and even catching a seagull!  It is so relaxing….

The heat of the day usually brought us back to our little bungalows (Laughing Horse Lodge).  We would get the boys settled for naps, make food, and play games.  We all had a lot of fun hanging out and spending time together. 

And, of course, we walked along the jetty.  We hiked to the end and watched the boats, ships, and birds.  The boys loved jumping from rock to rock and checking out the big fish people were catching on the side of the jetty

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  1. yes we noticed that little announcement snuck in there:) Congrats!