Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 1)

After missing our annual trip to Texas last summer due to our move to Idaho, we were able to renew the tradition in August just after Uncle Spencer returned home from his mission.  The highlight of the trip was going to Port Aransas, and this was Bryce and Brandon's first time to go there.  We were in McKinney for the weekend before we went down to the beach.  The first slideshow is various pictures taken around my parent’s house.  The boys loved playing fetch with Texan, hanging out with their Uncles and Aunts, watching Spencer’s homecoming talk, and eating lots of yummy food. And, we had a special experience going to the Dallas Temple with Grandma, Mom, Dad, Justin, Rachel, Skye, Spencer, and me. It won't be too long before Sarah and Sam will join us :)  

 My dad set a HUGE goal to ride his road bike 100 miles consecutively, and two days after we arrived in Texas happened to be his date to accomplish this.  He woke up at VERY early to avoid the intense heat and began his journey.  About 10 miles into his ride he got a flat tire and had to come home, fix the flat and restart the process.  Skye and my brother Sam met him about 85 miles into the trek and provided him some final support.  The rest of the family met him about mile 95 to cheer him home.  He did a great job!   
Sam is a drummer in a two-man band (WILMS).  The band entered a “battle of the bands” competition in downtown Dallas and the older siblings had a blast cheering on little brother.  Bryce, Brandon, and I hadn't flew in yet, but Skye arrived earlier than us (he'd been working in west Texas all week) and was able to watch. Everyone said they did great!

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