Monday, October 3, 2011

Swim Lessons

In the beginning of August, the boys took swim lessons. They were really hesitant the first day because the swim lessons were in a "big pool". They wouldn't leave my side and were crying, as other kids were jumping in the water and starting their lesson. I tried to coax them into the water, but they would not let go of me and would not stop crying. 

So, finally, I bribed them. I told them that if they got in the water and had a good swim lesson, then we could go to Dairy Queen and get ice cream afterwards! My boys love ice cream and they did fine after that. Brandon would get a little worried between each swim drill, but I just had to remind him that I was there and that he could get his ice cream, if he stayed in the water. 

Luckily, this only happened the first swim lesson. They did hesitate each time when they thought about or looked at the "big pool", but they would get in, and Bryce wouldn't look back once he started his lesson. Brandon liked me to hold his hand a bit more and not go very far.They really learned SO much in only 7 lessons. 

Bryce sporting his swim lesson goggles...
 Brandon in his goggles
 waiting for their turn
 Brandon's loved doing dolphin kicks...his favorite...
 Bryce's butterfly
 ...and Brandon on his back
Bryce swimming under the water. This was a BIG step for him. He couldn't even begin to swim before our lessons and he was scared to put his face in the water. Going under the water turned out to be his favorite thing to do..
Brandon's underwater swim
It was fun to do these lessons right before we went to the beach in Texas with my family because the boys were more confident in the water and had fun going under, even in the salty water. (But, luckily for us, they weren't too confident to venture past the shallow water.)

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