Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Around the House

We are lucky to live on a beautiful cul-de-sac with great neighbors.  Our neighborhood doesn't have many little ones.  In fact, the majority of our neighbors are retired.  We are probably the "loud" house on the block. :)  We have a group of girls that live on our street that are very sweet and come over to "play" quite a bit. Our boys love to hang out with the "big girls" in the middle of the street (since that is the only time they are allowed in the street).  
Papa brought Uncle Spencer to BYU-I and stopped by Boise to read a bedtime story to the boys on his way back to Texas!
Grandma tackling another crossword!
The boys love to help dad fix things around the house. They were fixing the bathroom drawer this time.  They are a big help to dad. :)
Cleaning the church on a Saturday morning in our pajama's, and making a little stop at the quasi-pulpit to get some practice...
When papa came through town he bought some silly string.  Playing with silly string was a perfect Sunday morning activity, considering our church isn't until 1 pm.
Our boys don't take much time to sit and be still, but we are noticing that they are finding more moments to "play" the piano. The rule is NO pounding on the piano and quietly touching the keys.  This is probably what discourages them from playing more often, ha! For the most part they do a pretty good job... 
A few videos of our budding musicians - gotta love Brandon's shoulder movements.
Bryce having fun playing for the camera

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