Friday, October 7, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Bryce and Brandon started Preschool and were definitely excited! I was so glad that we found a school that accepted two-year-olds because Brandon would not have wanted to miss out on all the school fun. The night before school started, we set out outfits, and packed lunches and backpacks. Then, we had a talk about school and daddy gave Bryce and Brandon each a father's blessing; they were very reverent and happy. 

On our way to Preschool...can you tell they were excited? 

I just love their backpacks and this picture cracks me up! I told them to touch the garage door and show me their backpacks and they were proud. :)
Bryce found the toys right away...
Brandon was a bit more reserved, but these blocks caught his eye and when his teacher got them down from the shelf and said he could play with them, he was happy.
I thought the hugs and good-byes would be a little more drawn out on the first day, but as soon as the teacher said, "Do you want to come see the bus out the window?", they were off.
Bryce quickly hugging grandma
Watching the school bus...

Bryce and Brandon love going to school. They go twice a week for 4.5 hours. By the time I get home from work and ask them about what they did, mostly all I get are responses like, "We ate fooooood", "We rode biiiiiikes", "We plaaaaayed" (Bryce tends to put emphasis on certain words when he speaks, ha!). They have lunch and recess at the end, so that must be what they remember...or maybe it's what they like most. 

I was wondering at first if they were learning anything, but I have been seeing glimpses of what they're retaining, and it's fun to uncover. Bryce will say things that I know he learned from preschool. For example, he's been talking about the leaves changing color in the fall and asking me why our trees have green leaves still. Then, last night he was talking about his bones and how they are strong and that he has lots of them. Brandon is more likely to bring up bits and pieces of stories and songs that they learn. He is very good at memorizing rhymes and songs. We checked out The Gingerbread Man from the library and read it most nights for a few weeks and he now has all of the rhymes memorized.

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  1. CUTE BOYS! so i think Marlee and Bryce have a real shot with eachother...Marlee has turned into...well a girl version of her daddy...i hope bryce can keep up! haha