Friday, October 14, 2011

Twin Falls Trip

The Boise temple closed in July for a year long remodel so we now have the opportunity of attending the Twin Falls temple instead.  Skye's cousin Heather lives nearby and we were able to stay with their family and make the temple trip into a weekend family trip.  The boys loved playing with cousins Hoyt and Jett.  They went on 4-wheeler rides, horse rides, played in the yard, fought over bikes, and even played a little Nephite/Lamanite dress-up battle.  It was a refreshing weekend and a great trip to the temple.  Thanks for entertaining us for the weekend Ryon and Heather!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fair Weekend

Last year we missed the Harney County Fair, and we were glad to be back this year.  Most of the weekend was spent at the fairgrounds watching Sheyanne show her FFA steer, visiting with friends, and riding the carnival rides.  Amanda, Sayge and Shaylee (and all their friends) were quite the experienced group to run the boys ragged. They all had a great time.

Jana and I watching Sheyanne
The kiddos eating ice cream at 10 AM
Riding the canival rides with the Amanda and Shaylee

The other highlight of the weekend was spending some time at the airport with Grandpa Andy and dad.  The boys spent some quality time in the cockpit of grandpa's cessna and really wanted to spend some time in the air.  It was a fun morning at the airport.  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Plum Harvest

In addition to the apricot tree, we have a plum tree in our back yard that produces an excellent harvest.  The tree is much smaller than the apricot tree, which makes it the perfect height for the boys to climb and pick fruit on their own; they are regularly found in the back yard boosting each other into the tree.  The greatest thing is that they love the fruit!  

First Day of Preschool

Bryce and Brandon started Preschool and were definitely excited! I was so glad that we found a school that accepted two-year-olds because Brandon would not have wanted to miss out on all the school fun. The night before school started, we set out outfits, and packed lunches and backpacks. Then, we had a talk about school and daddy gave Bryce and Brandon each a father's blessing; they were very reverent and happy. 

On our way to Preschool...can you tell they were excited? 

I just love their backpacks and this picture cracks me up! I told them to touch the garage door and show me their backpacks and they were proud. :)
Bryce found the toys right away...
Brandon was a bit more reserved, but these blocks caught his eye and when his teacher got them down from the shelf and said he could play with them, he was happy.
I thought the hugs and good-byes would be a little more drawn out on the first day, but as soon as the teacher said, "Do you want to come see the bus out the window?", they were off.
Bryce quickly hugging grandma
Watching the school bus...

Bryce and Brandon love going to school. They go twice a week for 4.5 hours. By the time I get home from work and ask them about what they did, mostly all I get are responses like, "We ate fooooood", "We rode biiiiiikes", "We plaaaaayed" (Bryce tends to put emphasis on certain words when he speaks, ha!). They have lunch and recess at the end, so that must be what they remember...or maybe it's what they like most. 

I was wondering at first if they were learning anything, but I have been seeing glimpses of what they're retaining, and it's fun to uncover. Bryce will say things that I know he learned from preschool. For example, he's been talking about the leaves changing color in the fall and asking me why our trees have green leaves still. Then, last night he was talking about his bones and how they are strong and that he has lots of them. Brandon is more likely to bring up bits and pieces of stories and songs that they learn. He is very good at memorizing rhymes and songs. We checked out The Gingerbread Man from the library and read it most nights for a few weeks and he now has all of the rhymes memorized.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun Around the House

We are lucky to live on a beautiful cul-de-sac with great neighbors.  Our neighborhood doesn't have many little ones.  In fact, the majority of our neighbors are retired.  We are probably the "loud" house on the block. :)  We have a group of girls that live on our street that are very sweet and come over to "play" quite a bit. Our boys love to hang out with the "big girls" in the middle of the street (since that is the only time they are allowed in the street).  
Papa brought Uncle Spencer to BYU-I and stopped by Boise to read a bedtime story to the boys on his way back to Texas!
Grandma tackling another crossword!
The boys love to help dad fix things around the house. They were fixing the bathroom drawer this time.  They are a big help to dad. :)
Cleaning the church on a Saturday morning in our pajama's, and making a little stop at the quasi-pulpit to get some practice...
When papa came through town he bought some silly string.  Playing with silly string was a perfect Sunday morning activity, considering our church isn't until 1 pm.
Our boys don't take much time to sit and be still, but we are noticing that they are finding more moments to "play" the piano. The rule is NO pounding on the piano and quietly touching the keys.  This is probably what discourages them from playing more often, ha! For the most part they do a pretty good job... 
A few videos of our budding musicians - gotta love Brandon's shoulder movements.
Bryce having fun playing for the camera

Pad Thai Night

We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Pad Thai House. We ordered a few dishes to share and one of them was a spicy curry. I didn't think the boys would try it, but Brandon really wanted some, so we let him go for it. I kept waiting for him to give me a face that it was too spicy and stop eating, but he didn't; he just kept eating. It was pretty funny.    
Then, Bryce, who refused to try it before, thought he would give it a try (I love the competitiveness). He gave me the response I expected and couldn't even get the first bite down. Silly boys... 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 4)

We decided to put on our Rogers Family Reunion t-shirts (made by mama and Sarah, mostly) and take some family pics.  After a trek back to McKinney on Saturday we took more “official” family pictures on Sunday.    

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 3)

Justin organized a "Rogers Half Marathon" this year. He mapped out a course along the beach and helped everyone stay pumped with training the months before the "race". Dad wanted to participate, but couldn't do the running, so that is why he decided to do his long bike ride. Sam, Rachel, Sarah, Megan, Justin, Spencer and Skye all ran on the race day.  They were up at 5:30 AM and all were finished by 8 AM.  Mom, dad, Bryce, Brandon, and I were the photographers and cheerleaders.  The running crew was exhausted by the end of the run, but all involved were proud to accomplish their goal to finish a half-marathon. 

Hanging out on the beach was great. It included reading books, playing in the water, building sand castles, skim boarding, body surfing, sun tanning, sleeping, eating, bocce ball, and even catching a seagull!  It is so relaxing….

The heat of the day usually brought us back to our little bungalows (Laughing Horse Lodge).  We would get the boys settled for naps, make food, and play games.  We all had a lot of fun hanging out and spending time together. 

And, of course, we walked along the jetty.  We hiked to the end and watched the boats, ships, and birds.  The boys loved jumping from rock to rock and checking out the big fish people were catching on the side of the jetty

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 2)

The trip to Port Aransas is about 10 hours from McKinney.  We rented two vans, piled in at 3 AM, and headed down to the beach.  A tradition is to stop at a diner about halfway there for an all-you-can eat buffet breakfast.  As part of the breakfast entertainment, we got out a whoopee cushion and had some incredible laughs at the expense of mom and grandma.  It was a had-to-be-there moment, but we thought it was hilarious (especially after waking up at 3am and road tripping)   

Texas Trip - 2011 (Part 1)

After missing our annual trip to Texas last summer due to our move to Idaho, we were able to renew the tradition in August just after Uncle Spencer returned home from his mission.  The highlight of the trip was going to Port Aransas, and this was Bryce and Brandon's first time to go there.  We were in McKinney for the weekend before we went down to the beach.  The first slideshow is various pictures taken around my parent’s house.  The boys loved playing fetch with Texan, hanging out with their Uncles and Aunts, watching Spencer’s homecoming talk, and eating lots of yummy food. And, we had a special experience going to the Dallas Temple with Grandma, Mom, Dad, Justin, Rachel, Skye, Spencer, and me. It won't be too long before Sarah and Sam will join us :)  

 My dad set a HUGE goal to ride his road bike 100 miles consecutively, and two days after we arrived in Texas happened to be his date to accomplish this.  He woke up at VERY early to avoid the intense heat and began his journey.  About 10 miles into his ride he got a flat tire and had to come home, fix the flat and restart the process.  Skye and my brother Sam met him about 85 miles into the trek and provided him some final support.  The rest of the family met him about mile 95 to cheer him home.  He did a great job!   
Sam is a drummer in a two-man band (WILMS).  The band entered a “battle of the bands” competition in downtown Dallas and the older siblings had a blast cheering on little brother.  Bryce, Brandon, and I hadn't flew in yet, but Skye arrived earlier than us (he'd been working in west Texas all week) and was able to watch. Everyone said they did great!

Swim Lessons

In the beginning of August, the boys took swim lessons. They were really hesitant the first day because the swim lessons were in a "big pool". They wouldn't leave my side and were crying, as other kids were jumping in the water and starting their lesson. I tried to coax them into the water, but they would not let go of me and would not stop crying. 

So, finally, I bribed them. I told them that if they got in the water and had a good swim lesson, then we could go to Dairy Queen and get ice cream afterwards! My boys love ice cream and they did fine after that. Brandon would get a little worried between each swim drill, but I just had to remind him that I was there and that he could get his ice cream, if he stayed in the water. 

Luckily, this only happened the first swim lesson. They did hesitate each time when they thought about or looked at the "big pool", but they would get in, and Bryce wouldn't look back once he started his lesson. Brandon liked me to hold his hand a bit more and not go very far.They really learned SO much in only 7 lessons. 

Bryce sporting his swim lesson goggles...
 Brandon in his goggles
 waiting for their turn
 Brandon's loved doing dolphin kicks...his favorite...
 Bryce's butterfly
 ...and Brandon on his back
Bryce swimming under the water. This was a BIG step for him. He couldn't even begin to swim before our lessons and he was scared to put his face in the water. Going under the water turned out to be his favorite thing to do..
Brandon's underwater swim
It was fun to do these lessons right before we went to the beach in Texas with my family because the boys were more confident in the water and had fun going under, even in the salty water. (But, luckily for us, they weren't too confident to venture past the shallow water.)