Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekend Trip to Burns

The middle of the summer is always a busy time in Burns with haying in full swing.  We made an effort to get all the cousins together for a photo shoot (Christmas picture 2011)... The real reason for the trip was to spend some time with the newest little man (Balen).  The boys love hanging out on the ranch and this time around they even got to spend time with both Skye and Grandpa Andy working on the farm.  Skye piled everyone in the swather and gave them (Bryce, Brandon and Mason) all a chance to drive around the fields without mommy supervision.  Grandpa Andy took the three boys with him in a rake tractor the next morning.  We're teaching them at a young age that summers are meant for working on the ranch. :)  Baby Balen will be out there a part of the haying action soon enough...he has home-court advantage in that he lives on the ranch while the rest of the boys have to travel from afar.  It was a fun weekend!    
Bryce (3), Brandon (2), Mason (1), Balen (1 month)

Farmers in the making...
Skye taking Grandma for a spin on the newest toy on the farm
The boys with GiGi (Skye's grandma) after church on Sunday

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