Friday, September 16, 2011

Sundays, Grandma, and Karate Boys

Our ward has started at 1pm this year and that's been an interesting time with two boys who wake up super early. We have been able to explore many different Sunday morning activities. I feel like we've already had a full day by the time church starts. One of the boy's favorite activities is going for a walk, which back in June would turn into playing on the equipment and rocks in the construction area at the end of our road.

Here are the boys ready for church with Granny. Bryce is saying some cute and funny things these days and this week he had a couple that I wanted to document. First, Bryce said the funniest thing to Brandon. I don't even remember what Brandon did, but Bryce told him, "Brandon. Look at my eyes. I love you, but you were being naughty." I cracked up when grandma told me about that. It's very evident that we need to watch what we say in front of Bryce because he picks up on it all. Then, right before church this Sunday, he said this:

Me: "Bryce, do you want to take your scriptures to church today?"
Bryce (very matter of factly): "I need to take my scriptures because they remind me to think about Jesus."

What a good boy. I need to remember these times when I'm struggling with his active, three-year-old ways.

 And, we'll end with my silly Karate boys....

I told Skye that seeing the boys in my headbands gave me a glimpse of how cute a little daughter might be. Skye wasn't too sure about me saying that our boys brought thoughts of a girl to me because of course, these boys are manly! haha! 

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