Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sarah's Graduation

Sarah graduated from BYU-Idaho and we were so happy to be able to go and make a fun weekend out of it.  Granddad Phil flew into Boise from Seattle a few days before the graduation and made the trek across Idaho with us.  It was a fun weekend filled with graduation, a quick trip to Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake, and lots of driving! 
The boys stood still long enough for Skye to get one picture of them with their Auntie
Sarah and Granddad Phil
Sarah and Grandma
We were able to convince the boys to stop running around the gym long enough to put on the graduate's cap
Sarah getting her diploma for her Communications degree
Skye and Granddad Phil stayed with one of Skye's close friends from Burns - Jeremy and his wife, Amy.  Amy also graduated in Communications.  Congrats Amy!
The whole group together
Sarah and of Sarah's best friends and old roommates
The happy graduate!

We woke up the next morning and Skye, Sarah, the boys (in the jogger), and I went for a 5.5 mile run around Rexburg.  After our run, we enjoyed a nice smoothie before heading to Jackson Hole for the rest of the day.  
We left our camera in the car when we arrived at Jenny Lake outside of Jackson Hole, WY, so here is a picture of the Tetons as we drove back into Jackson. We had quite an adventure.  We took the boys, Sarah and Phil on a hike around Jenny Lake (Grandma was supposed to take a boat to the water fall on the other side and we were going to meet her there).  Apparently, Grandma took the boat ride and waited for over an hour for us to arrive, then walked on her own to the waterfall, enjoyed it for a few minutes, and returned to the vehicles, all without seeing us. 

Our journey took us on a trek rather challenging for two toddlers and Granddad Phil.  We walked nearly 2.5 miles on rugged terrain to eventually arrive at the waterfall.  Our original plan was to then walk back, but we decided at that point to jump on the ferry boat and take the easy (and quicker) way back to the vehicles.  We were proud of ourselves; it was a long hike with little ones and everyone finished.
We ended our fun-filled adventure at a very yummy Mexican restaurant in Jackson Hole.  By the time we got back to Rexburg at 11 PM that night, Skye (the driver) was the only one awake.  It was a memorable weekend for sure!  Good job on graduating Auntie Sarah and thanks for coming trekking with us Granddad Phil and Grandma Maureen!

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