Friday, September 16, 2011

McCall Fun

For some reason, I feel like I have to catch up on documenting what I've missed before I move on to what's happening now, so here's my attempt to catch up on our busy, fun summer. Many more posts to come!

McCall, ID 6-18

We planned a weekend trip to McCall back in June with our friends Zach and Kara. Kara's sister let us stay at their condo and we had a blast. The day before we were supposed to go, Bryce got really sick. We were going to back out or have me stay home, but Grandma was an angel and said she would stay back with Bryce and "not to worry". Now that I'm writing this way after the fact, I can say that Grandma really was a trooper because she ended up getting really sick, and when the rest of us came back, we all got it! Anyway, Skye, Brandon, and I went to McCall and missed Bryce, but had a great time. It was my first time to see McCall without a thick blanket of snow everywhere.

The night we got there, we walked around the condo complex and checked out all of the facilities. Brandon and I played a little racquetball :). After our walk, we put Brandon and Reese to bed and hung out with Zach and Kara. We played card games and take two speed scrabble and ate lots of junk food.   
The next morning, Skye, Kara, Brandon and I went for a jog (with Brandon in the jogger). Skye was hardcore and went for a long run, and Kara and I turned back a lot sooner and had a more casual jog. :) Then, we all went for a morning swim.

 Next, we went to my favorite place, The Pancake House, and enjoyed attempting to eat our giant servings of pancakes, hashbrowns, chicken fried steak...(It's weird not having Bryce in this picture)...
 We went for a drive around Payette Lake and saw this beautiful waterfall...
 We went out for ice cream and I got Brandon the "kid's size"! He was in heaven.
 Kara and Reese
 For dinner, we made tin foil dinners. It was rainy outside, so we just made them in the oven.
 Daddy teaching Brandon how to make his first tin foil dinner.
 Poor Reese missed out on the good grub.
 These two played really well together. Reese is 1 and Brandon is 2 and he calls her "Baby Reese".
 And, good thing the kids moved away before this guy came because that would have frightened me, even though I'm sure he's harmless and just begging for food.
What a fun trip! Hopefully we can go again and take Bryce.

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