Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Day at Letonia's

We had an amazing babysitter this past year and were lucky to have found her. They moved this summer and the boys last day at Letonia's house was the end of June. Letonia and CJ have two boys, Colmin (5) and Kyler (1). The boys had many fun adventures with these boys, including going to the zoo, McDonald's playplace (and getting their usual, chocolate milk and an apple pie, ha), Monkey Bizness, Planet Kid, Jump 'N Land, and many different parks in the area.
Colmin, Bryce, and Brandon
 with Kyler and Sophia
 Letonia and the boys
 Big hugs for Bryce and Colmin
 and Letonia and Brandon...
 Here are a few pictures that Letonia texted me over the past months...

Thanks Letonia! We miss you guys!

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