Sunday, September 25, 2011

Camping in Lowman

Our second family camping trip of the summer was with some of my co-workers and their families and our friends the Miller's.  We camped about 1.5 hours north of Boise near Lowman, Idaho.  Unlike our previous excursion to Three Forks, this trip had camping sites and bathrooms.  There were 12 children on the trip and they had a lot of fun getting dirty while playing in the forest.  Many thanks to David for getting the campsite reserved and providing a yummy desert on Friday night!
We'd been in the woods about 2 hours and the boys looked like they had been there for a week!  Enjoying their s'mores
Running around the campsite (with our tent in the background)

The Miller's - Nate, Colette, Lila (4), Carlee (2), Tessa (baby) - are our friends from the ward.  We were excited to spend some time with them camping and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. 
The boys and I getting ready for bed.  Right before dad took this picture we were all enjoying the starry night looking for the big dipper and North Star.  The boys thought the whole star gazing experience was fun.
On Saturday morning, we decided to venture out of the campground and head into the forest on a quasi-trail.  The first picture (left) is of all of us heading up the trailhead.  The middle picture is the group climbing up this hill after we decided we wanted to "see what's on the other side"  So, we went up the straight incline with all the kids...  The last picture (right) is of the group on top of the hill after roughly a 500 ft climb.  Good job to everyone, especially to Collete who did it with baby Tessa in tote!
This was the view from the made the climb worth while to talk to the kids about all of God's creations and how we need to enjoy this beautiful world.
The "older" kids raced down the hill with David and Bryce (my co-workers), while the rest of us slowly made our way down the hill .  When we arrived at the bottom, David had the older kids singing a camp song in unison that he had just taught them; it was awesome.  Another fun camping trip.

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