Friday, September 16, 2011

Boise Rose Garden and Bryce's Big Bed

Skye and I went out to eat and then, walked around the Boise Rose Garden for a date in June. We took these pictures on Skye's phone to take back and show Grandma how beautiful it was. Grandma and I had stumbled upon this garden when we were on a walk with the boys in downtown, but it was when there were no flowers blooming, so here it is.

 Later this weekend, we switched Bryce from his toddler bed to a twin size bed and he was so ready. I just had to take a picture of both of their little toddler beds side-by-side because I have loved this stage and Skye or I have sat in between these two beds many times to sing and/or rub heads until the boys were comfortable or asleep :) 
 Here's the new big bed and the boys reading books in Grandma Hoyt's chair. We sit and read and rock every night for longer than an hour sometimes. I LOVE that the boys are in and have been in a reading books stage. Special moments...

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