Monday, July 11, 2011

Trip to Oregon

We went to visit some of our friends and go to a wedding in Oregon back in June. We had a nice trip and got to check up on our rental house. We first went to Portland to visit Ty and Heather! It was especially fun to see Heather's cute prego belly. She's due the end of September. Heather teaches preschoolers and she takes them on fun trips and, because of this, she's a pro at navigating the zoo to see all of the animals. So, on Saturday, she was our personal tour guide at the zoo.

Bryce comparing his arm span to the wing span of a bald eagle... 

We really do find tractors everywhere we go...

Thank you Ty and Heather!
After the zoo, we ate some lunch with Ty and Heather and then, headed down to Independence. Our friend, Celia, had a beautiful wedding and it was fun to see so many of our friends there.

One of the highlights for Bryce at the wedding was driving a Model T Ford! Brother and Sister Henich hosted the wedding at their pavilion and drove the bride up in this car. As soon as Bryce saw the car, he said he wanted to ride in it. Once the reception was underway, Sister Henich let Bryce "play" in the driver's seat and then, he went for a spin with Brother Henich. What a happy boy!  
After the wedding, we stayed the night with our friends, Paul and Alex. It was fun to have Bryce see his friend, Gianna.
Here is a picture of Giana and Bryce at Bryce's 1st birthday party (Feb. 2009). I can't believe how bald these two were!
Then, here is a picture of Bryce and Giana (with Grandma) before or after story time at the Monmouth library (around 2 years old).
And, here they are now...our 3-year-olds! They were so happy to see each other. They are both very strong-willed and independent, and it was funny to see how similar their personalities are. They attempted to sleep together, but it didn't last long... 
And, I didn't get a picture of all of us, but I took this video during family scripture study that captured a glimpse of everyone. Paul and Alex have two girls, Giana and Sonoma.  

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