Saturday, July 2, 2011

Texas Trip - Day 3

On Sunday, I was happy to run into so many friends. I got to see Jordan and Paige Peterson and their beautiful mama Kari!  
 And, Brandon and I saw Ronna and Blake!
 Mom and Dad planned a BBQ after church with our neighbors Paula and the Morrissey's. We had a lot of fun.
Rachel, Brandon, and I went over to the Morrissey's house first to check out their amazing garden and for Brandon to see their longhorns.
Rachel and Brandon in Scott's garden
Scott and Brandon with the longhorns
 Micki showed Brandon her pond with turtles in it.
 Justin was in charge of the BBQ and did a great job. Ricki is below with her plate of BBQ food.
 Paula dipping strawberries in chocolate
 Brandon and Rachel
 Dad and Scott
 All the ladies
 It was so fun seeing these two...
 Just eating our chocolate-covered strawberries :)
Ricki, Me, Mom, Rachel
 Brandon loved hanging out with Jeff and Sam, even when they had him huffing and puffing because they told Brandon to try pushing a concrete block...
 I LOVE this swing and enjoyed sitting on it and watching the sunset.
 While we were in Texas, I made sure to get my Blue Bell fix. Thanks mom and dad for everything!


  1. oh my gosh!!!!!! I MISS TEXAS SO MUCH!!!!! Now I need my fill sissy!!! This all looks like so much fun and I miss all these wonderful people!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I had a feeling that you would say something like that. Well, you will get your time ALL FALL :)Love you!