Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mowing with Dad

May 2011
Mowing the lawn with dad has already become one of the boys' favorite Spring/Summer pasttimes. We haven't had our own lawnmower until a few weeks ago (it's been at our rental house in Oregon), so we've been borrowing this amazing riding lawnmower from our friends. They live a few blocks away, so whenever we pick up the mower, I have been dropping off the boys (all three) at our friend's house and they have been driving their sweet ride back to our house through the neighborhood to mow our lawn. haha! Riding a lawnmower through the neighborhood with dad....yes, my boys LOVE it! Then, Bryce is the real trooper and wants to mow the entire yard. Brandon usually wants to watch and play while dad and Bryce get to work.

Later this day, after working outside for the majority of the day, Skye and I went for a run after dark with the boys in the jogging stroller and it was such a fun time that I wanted to document it. I was dying because Skye was pushing me, but it felt good. The boys were in good moods and were chatty at the beginning and then, Brandon fell asleep and Bryce was close to falling asleep. The weather was perfect and the stars were bright. Skye also had just gotten his iPhone and he put it in the stroller cup holder, so we had our own personal radio without putting headphones on. It was just a fun family moment.
Bryce (trying to fake sleep) and Brandon (out to the world)
With their bears and blanket :)
And, here's another mowing picture of Bryce and Skye in our backyard. Skye will let Bryce steer quite a bit and said that he's not that bad. Also, Bryce will do the push mower right alongside Skye. I think we'll have him ready to go on his own before too long!  

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