Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Over Memorial Day weekend, Grandma, the boys, and I headed to Uncle Craig and Aunt Teri's house in Vale for Friday night and then went to Burns Saturday through Monday.

It was our first time going to Uncle Craig and Aunt Teri's house and we really enjoyed staying with them; they spoiled us and it is beautiful where they live! When we first got there, the boys saw a few buckets of toys that Aunt Teri had set out for them; they ran right to them and started playing. The toys were from when Becky and Adam were little kids (who are now in their 20's). How cool is that? 

Brandon flying the helicopter...
 Bryce really enjoyed playing with this barn and seeing how much he could cram in it.
Bryce was attempting to open the door to the porch and then, Brandon wanted to try. Brandon is in the stage where he copies every word and every move that Big Brother makes.  :)
 Aunt Teri and Grandma in the kitchen chatting while Aunt Teri made an amazing taco/chili soup dinner.
Next door to Uncle Craig and Aunt Teri's home is a one-room schoolhouse that Aunt Teri has been teaching at for almost 20 years and she was sad to say that it just shut-down this past year. So, with this school being right next to their house, you just walk out the door and there's a playground. The boys loved having Uncle Craig push them on the swings.
After playing on the swings for a bit, Uncle Craig took us for a walk around some of their land. The boys loved that there were school buses at their house.
On our walk, Uncle Craig spotted some owls in a tree.

Then, we went to see Uncle Craig's bikes. The boys were loving every minute ...
Aunt Teri kept teasing Uncle Craig by saying that he's preparing for being a grandpa. haha. They are expecting their first grandbaby later this year. 
Here is the adorable, picture-perfect school house.
Brandon and Uncle Craig walking back to the house...
Isn't this just beautiful? I loved the view.
Once we went back inside, we played with toys again for a bit.

 Then, we got jammies on and had storytime.
 Saturday morning before we left...Aunt Teri, Grandma, and Me... 
I didn't really take many pictures in Burns, but I did get these of Sheyanne with Brandon and Pedro with baby Kasyn (Amaya's baby that we met for the first time) at Glory Day's Pizza!!

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