Thursday, June 30, 2011

Texas Trip - Day 2

Saturday morning, we had smoothies again and got ready for our picnic at the park. Dad made his homemade bread (and let Brandon "dig" in the grain) and mom made the lunches.
Uncle Sam taught Brandon how to jam on the drums.
Justin and Rachel took us to this really cool park in Plano that is huge with lots of hiking trails. We started out playing on the playground and enjoying our picnic. After we ate, we played some football. Brandon even joined in; we got in a tight circle and threw the ball around. He loved it!
Then, we set out on the trails. It was a beautiful day. Mom bought some blue bubbles and they were a hit on our walk, except you had to be careful and dodge them because they would turn you blue! The picture of mom below was after she climbed a pretty steep hill. We were so amazed by how well she was doing, after having knee surgery not even two months prior. 
How pretty is this? Posing with Justin, Brandon, and Rachel
Uncles :)
There were so many pretty wildflowers and check out the cactus...
And, my mom would never pinch Sam in the back while I'm taking a picture...
Part of the fam...What a fun time!
Dad and Brandon went down by this water to throw rocks. I think Brandon could have done that all day. He loves water and rocks and loves throwing, so it only makes sense :)
Brandon and Papa
Brandon stopped to pet most of the dogs that walked past us.
I think they need one.....They would be the cutest parents. haha!
Had to get a picture in the bluebonnets and other wildflowers...
Brandon fell asleep in the car only a few minutes after leaving the park. He was warn out from all of the fun. When we got home, he continued to take a long nap. Amanda and her mama came to visit and I had to wake Brandon up because he was still sleeping when they had to leave soon.
Amanda, Me, and Brandon. I love this girl!
Brandon was a little hesitant, since he just woke up, but it didn't take too long for him to warm up to Claudia. I don't know how any child could resist with how sweet and loving she is.
A little later Ashley and Lauren came over to say hi!! They are both such great friends of mine. Ashley has been teaching Art and just got married this month! Lauren has been doing an internship at a law office and will head to LAW SCHOOL this fall. Woo hoo! That is such an accomplishment. We had fun chatting and watching an old birthday party home video that they were both in, ha!!! Love you two! Brandon was definitely hyped up by this point.
Meredith also joined us. It was always so much fun to have another friend who lived out in the "boonies" with me. I love my wonderful girlies :)
And movie time with Nona to wrap up the day.

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