Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spring Sprint Triathlon

In the beginning of April, Skye and I did a sprint triathlon here in Boise. It was a real beginner triathlon with the swim on Friday and the bike/run on Saturday. It was a really fun experience completing the race together. We were comparable in the swim. Skye had to seriously cheer me on and do circles around me in the bike portion. And, Skye continued to push me hard on the run (while he was barely breaking a sweat). So, I ended up getting a good time in the rankings of the women competitors, while Skye was toward the end of the men. Ha!
 Our amazing fans!

 The boys happily ate the after-race food :)
 Grandma had perfect timing and coordination skills. We only knew the approximate time of when we would start and end and we explained to Grandma briefly the area where we would be biking/running. And, who did we see when we were biking around one of the last corners? Grandma and the boys staked out on the street, waiting to wave to us. Then, Grandma, Bryce, and Brandon were there cheering us on when we ran through the finish line.
Thanks Grandma!

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