Monday, April 25, 2011

Rexburg Trip - Continued

Sarah had super sweet roommates who let us sleep in their apartment. I brought the boys little mattresses and they crashed on the bedroom floor and Grandma and I had our own beds (Jessica - Sarah's roommate that she shares a room with was out of town), and Sarah took the couch. What a sweet sista! So, the boys slept really well. It was funny to all be crammed in the college apartment. I had to keep telling the boys to be quiet and not jump because we had people below us. I kept telling them that the college kids need to do their homework, so they would grab a book or paper and pen and pretend to do their "homework", ha!

 Saturday morning, Sarah made us yummy berry pancakes :)
 And we went to the park and played in the snow and saw the geese and we spotted a moose!!! (and then, decided we better not stay and hang out with the moose.) 
 We went to a nearby playground and found some fun things to play on...

 Saturday night girl's, popcorn, and painting our toenails.
 And, we woke up to a TON of snow on Sunday in good 'ol Rexburg.
We had an amazing trip visiting Auntie Sarah in college!

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