Monday, April 11, 2011

New Years in Burns (Round 2)

Our boys love hanging out with their cousin Mason....lets hope as time passes that they continue to be this loving and kind to each other, for some reason I think moments like these will pass and soon it will be to the "best of friends or worst of enemies" stage....actually I think Mason will be the perfect mediator between Bryce and Brandon. 

We had a great bonfire with all the friends and family....
Standing around the fire enjoying a few hearty "snacks" in between sleding and snowmobiling rides
Grandpa Andy pulling the boys and Shaylee (or Sayge) on the kiddie carrier....what a novel invention.
Skye pulling the boys and I, he wasn't as cautious as Grandpa, but we still managed to stay in the sled through the jumps and powder turns.
Their "most used" present of the year....the bobcat beanies!
Little boys LOVE playing in the snow, even if they are frozen from the inside out.
I am already worried about the accidents of his future.  There will no doubt be many 
Brandon trying to steal some burning hot cocoa from dad...and of course dad probably isn't even thinking about the fact that it will scortch his mouth. 
It is sure a good thing my three boys love the snow so much.  Their love for it warms me when I am wishing I was on a hot, sandy beach.  We are sure glad we can go to Burns and ride Grandpa Andy's snowmobiles, feed his cows and hang out with cousins in the winter wonderland.  Until next year....

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  1. looks like fun! you have some great pics. I'm just posting on one since it would be a ton on the other pages. THat is really great that you have your grandma there to help you guys out! Can't believe you have a 3 year old! WOW, we are all geting so old.