Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disneyland Trip

The first week of December was our trip to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Sea World with all of Skye's family. G.G. (Great Grandma Root) was able to come with us and her sister, Aunt Betsy, also dropped in for a few days. It was a fun and exhausting week, but everyone had a great time. The highlights of Sea World were the whale show, watching Auntie Shey swim with the dolphins, and taking Shaylee on her first "real" roller coaster and then getting stuck on it for 25 minutes. The best parts of Disneyland are always the Disney characters, the "it's a small world" ride, and the cool parades. California Adventure was the place for first-times on this trip. Our families first time to see World of Colors, which was a great light show on water. Kevin’s first time on a roller coaster - I think that was Skye and Sabrina's favorite part of the vacation, period. Sayge's first time on the tower of terror, as she is a budding adrenaline junkie. Bryce and Brandon's first time to see a musical (Aladdin--and I think Brandon slept through 80% of it...) and an unforgettable experience on the ferris wheel with Grandpa Andy. Enjoy the collages that briefly capture the wonderful memories.

Apparently, there are two lines to get on the ferris wheel at California Adventure. One is for the inner carts that don't move back and forth and the other is for the outer carts that swing like a pendulum when up in the air. We were probably getting some interesting looks as we (Skye, Becca, and Andy) were in line with 3 little kids for the outer cart, but we were oblivious....and to make it better we were so occupied with keeping the kids entertained in line, we didn't pay attention to the ride until the second it was our turn to board. So...we get on, there are no seat belts, no worries, so we all cram into the cart, Becca and Andy on one side and Skye with the kids on the other side. As is the case with most ferris wheels, they spin around 10-15 times and then slowly unboard and reboard the ride. We were one of the first to "reboard", so we had to go almost a full circle of stop and go until the ride would officially begin. The first two stop-and-go's were uneventful as we were gaining altitude over the water and pointing out all the cool sites to the kids. We were even taking pictures and just killing time waiting for the ride to begin. Then, as the third stop occured to board new passengers, all of the sudden it literally felt like our cart was falling backwards right off the ferris wheel, as you can see from the picture, (which was at the perfect time I might add), we were grabbing for anything and everything. We quickly realized after we all about threw-up that the cart was on a swinging pendulum and at least the adults recovered. The priceless memory is that as the adults and little Shaylee were shocked, our two boys, in classic boy fashion, have the look on their faces that this is the coolest part of Disneyland. These two pics and the story they tell are one of our favorite memories of the week!
Travel a thousand miles and what do the little guys want to play with? A stationary play car outside Goofy's Kitchen...
Group pictures to document the trip....
Big roller coaster, slow roller coasters, and kid roller coasters, all part of the fun!
Mom and dad even found a minute or two to hit a few big roller coasters.
The top left photo is worth we were taking off Boise Airport on the way down, Bryce could tell that G.G. (Skye's Grandma Root) wasn't digging the whole blast off into space feeling you get when taking off. To calm her fears, he held her hand and told her it would be okay. The bottom right (even though it is cutting Jana's face off) shows the grandma mobile....utilized for most of the vacation. There were a few times the "mobile" included Sayge and Shaylee too, making it 5 kids in one stroller.
I'm sure this was taken about 10 PM.....Bryce can't manage to walk anymore, brandon lost a shoe, and dad is just thrilled mom wants to take another picture, the 300th pic of the trip....but it was a GREAT VACATION, thanks to Andy and Jana (and Sabrina) for making it all happen!
Back at home in our new Disney sweatshirts!

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