Sunday, April 10, 2011

Christmas 2010: Nona and Papa come to Boise

We spent the week before Christmas with Nona, Papa, Sarah and Sambo!  We had some great adventures and the boys were able to spend some quality time with the famly.
Giving gifts....the best one was Cragg mentoring Bryce so he could make an AWESOME tie rack for me.  Bryce made the entire thing including the drilling and hammering.  It has already been put to good use. 

The boys loved the traditional gingerbread house construction.  Bryce was into the building process and Brandon eating the building!  

Reenacting the Christmas story has also become a tradition and the boys loved to involve Nona and Papa this year.  Last year it was Justin, Rachel and Sarah with Candice and Byron back in Oregon, time sure flies, what good memories.

 Ice skating was a memory of the trip, we took Bryce and he had pretty solid little legs for his age.   

 Nona and Skye having their usual fun on the piano...
Boise has a neat Children's Discovery Center and Papa bought Bryce a few experiments including a little mock geyser made of pepsi and mentos.  The boys wouldn't know life without Auntie Sarah and Uncle Sam. 

Thanks to Sam for helping me finally clean up the yard.

Thanks so much to Nona and Papa for making the trip possible and spending time with us in Boise.  We love you and miss you! 

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