Monday, April 25, 2011

Skye's Bday

Skye got to go home to Burns the weekend before his birthday and do something he!

 This is us celebrating on Monday night (Feb 28), his actual birthday. Daddy and his boys...

 Grandma made an amazing pound cake with lemon frosting for Skye!
 The fam

To continue Skye's celebrations, he got to have dinner with Kevin, Sabrina, and Mason in Vancouver on a business trip the day after his birthday. 

Rexburg Trip - Continued

Sarah had super sweet roommates who let us sleep in their apartment. I brought the boys little mattresses and they crashed on the bedroom floor and Grandma and I had our own beds (Jessica - Sarah's roommate that she shares a room with was out of town), and Sarah took the couch. What a sweet sista! So, the boys slept really well. It was funny to all be crammed in the college apartment. I had to keep telling the boys to be quiet and not jump because we had people below us. I kept telling them that the college kids need to do their homework, so they would grab a book or paper and pen and pretend to do their "homework", ha!

 Saturday morning, Sarah made us yummy berry pancakes :)
 And we went to the park and played in the snow and saw the geese and we spotted a moose!!! (and then, decided we better not stay and hang out with the moose.) 
 We went to a nearby playground and found some fun things to play on...

 Saturday night girl's, popcorn, and painting our toenails.
 And, we woke up to a TON of snow on Sunday in good 'ol Rexburg.
We had an amazing trip visiting Auntie Sarah in college!

Rexburg Trip - Grandma's Bday Party

Grandma's "College Birthday Bash", haha! Grandma, Bryce, Brandon and I went to visit Sarah in Rexburg in February. We just so happened to go on the 18th, which is Grandma's birthday. So Sarah got her friends together to surprise Grandma with a birthday party. It was a lot of fun! Katie (Jensen- but not Jensen anymore...) made this beautiful cake for Grandma. Check out the cute flower on it!

 Sarah and I posing with our Grand-ma-ma. Orchid made this delicious cheese ball appetizer just for Grandma because she loves her a lot :)
 Playing games...and laughing...and eating....always makes for a good party!

We got to meet Sarah's friend, Megan, for the first time and we loved getting to know her a little bit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picnic near Bogus Basin - February 13th

We had been wanting to check out Bogus Basin for a while, so we decided to take a drive up there. We went and saw the skiers and all of the snow and the boys got a good nap in while we were driving. Then, we went down the mountain a bit and pulled off on the side of the road to have our little picnic and hike a little bit. The boys were funny on our hike. Bryce was so excited to "climb the mountain", but he was hesitant because he thought he was going to somehow "fall off", even though we were only walking on hills. :)


Backyard Fun - February

The boys discovered a great little activity...blowing bubbles on the deck. Bella even loved it. She would jump up and catch the bubbles in her mouth. The boys both LOVE bubbles and we had a lot of fun. It was a perfect evening at home.
Having fun blowing bubbles....and then, Bryce flipped out when he realized he spilt some of his bubbles.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bryce's 3rd Birthday - February 5th

Bryce's birthday started early with him opening his birthday present from Nona and Papa. Lucky for Brandon, they got two of a few things :) The boys love their little tractor lunch boxes. We went to Vale and ate a yummy lunch with Uncle Craig and Aunt Terry at their church. After lunch, we went to the high school in Vale to watch Sheyanne's basketball game. Bryce took his lunch box with his fruit snacks to share with everyone at the game :) Then, when the game was over, we went to Dairy Queen and had cupcakes, ice cream, and presents. It was a perfect birthday for our 3-year-old!

Skye wasn't able to come to Vale, so we had to take a picture when we got home, so we could have a picture of mom and dad with the three year old!

2011 Idaho Govenor's Ball

In Jauary, Skye and I felt lucky to attend some events celebrating Governor Butch Otter's inauguration here in Idaho. Skye's boss had extra tickets to the Friday night event, which was a Jo Dee Messina concert!!! It was at the knitting factory in downtown Boise. Before the concert, we got to meet the Governor and his wife, First Lady Lori Otter. Then, we just walked around and ate finger food and chatted with random people.  We felt special. One lady we met ended up being one of the Governor's employees and she asked us if we were going to the Governor's Ball the next night. We told her that we didn't have tickets and she said she had some extras and asked us if we would like to go. We took her up on it! The ball ended up being a blast. Skye and I love country dancing and that's what most of the music was. Skye's boss and his girlfriend came, as well as Skye's office manager and her husband, who works directly with Idaho officials. We all danced and ate the yummy food and they even had cookies with the seal of Idaho and others in the shape of Idaho :) haha! We had a good weekend. Two date nights in a row...

Concert - Friday Night 1/7
(And, we weren't allowed to take pictures during the actual concert...)

The Governor's Ball - Saturday Night 1/8
We thought it was soooo cool that the Governor played the guitar and sang a few songs!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bryce Story Telling

Skye was putting the boys to bed the other night and was rushing the bedtime routine by opening various books and making up his own little short stories.  Bryce called him out on it and then Skye asked Bryce to make up his own he did, right there on the spot and I brought the camera down and had him re-tell parts of it

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Years in Burns (Round 2)

Our boys love hanging out with their cousin Mason....lets hope as time passes that they continue to be this loving and kind to each other, for some reason I think moments like these will pass and soon it will be to the "best of friends or worst of enemies" stage....actually I think Mason will be the perfect mediator between Bryce and Brandon. 

We had a great bonfire with all the friends and family....
Standing around the fire enjoying a few hearty "snacks" in between sleding and snowmobiling rides
Grandpa Andy pulling the boys and Shaylee (or Sayge) on the kiddie carrier....what a novel invention.
Skye pulling the boys and I, he wasn't as cautious as Grandpa, but we still managed to stay in the sled through the jumps and powder turns.
Their "most used" present of the year....the bobcat beanies!
Little boys LOVE playing in the snow, even if they are frozen from the inside out.
I am already worried about the accidents of his future.  There will no doubt be many 
Brandon trying to steal some burning hot cocoa from dad...and of course dad probably isn't even thinking about the fact that it will scortch his mouth. 
It is sure a good thing my three boys love the snow so much.  Their love for it warms me when I am wishing I was on a hot, sandy beach.  We are sure glad we can go to Burns and ride Grandpa Andy's snowmobiles, feed his cows and hang out with cousins in the winter wonderland.  Until next year....