Sunday, January 30, 2011

November - Thanksgiving

We went to Burns for Thanksgiving and had our feast at Uncle Al and Aunt Steph's house. We had a really good time seeing everyone, since all of Skye's Dad's side of the family was there.

We brought our supplies to make our traditional turkeys (thanks to the Bretts for introducing us to these fun treats). Here's Sheyanne helping Brandon with his frosting.
Bryce hard at work (whenever he wasn't trying to eat all of the candy).Sayge and Shaylee's cute, creative turkeys.
Our turkeys...and Bryce snitching some candy...
Crazy kids.
Bathtime. I probably shouldn't put this one up...but they're cute, and, considering that Sayge and Shaylee are already shower pros, this will probably never happen again...

So, I didn't even take any pictures at our actual Thanksgiving dinner. Whoops! But, here are pictures from Thanksgiving morning, which was the highlight for Bryce and Brandon.

Feeding Cows with Grandpa!!!!

Bryce got to be in the tractor with Grandpa and Sayge and Shaylee; and Mr. Brandon Sir got to drive the pick-up with daddy...

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