Sunday, January 30, 2011

November - Snow Day and Hymns of Thanksgiving

I think this was our first bit of snow here in Boise. We decided to take advantage of it. The boys and I bundled up and played in our backyard.
Bryce was wearing mommy's gloves :) Brandon
Bryce decided to feed Bella snow.
And she liked it.

Our mini snowman
This same weekend, Skye performed in Hymns of Thanksgiving here in Boise. It was quite a production and we're proud of daddy for all of his hard work. Hymns of Thanksgiving is a musical production, consisting of a 300 person community choir, as well as a wonderful orchestra. They practiced about twice a week for a couple of months and performed at the Qwest arena . The night focused on praising God and country. I was grateful that Aunt Shelby came with us because my boys were not in the mood to sit and be quiet, so I really needed her help to enjoy the show.

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