Sunday, January 30, 2011

November - Thanksgiving

We went to Burns for Thanksgiving and had our feast at Uncle Al and Aunt Steph's house. We had a really good time seeing everyone, since all of Skye's Dad's side of the family was there.

We brought our supplies to make our traditional turkeys (thanks to the Bretts for introducing us to these fun treats). Here's Sheyanne helping Brandon with his frosting.
Bryce hard at work (whenever he wasn't trying to eat all of the candy).Sayge and Shaylee's cute, creative turkeys.
Our turkeys...and Bryce snitching some candy...
Crazy kids.
Bathtime. I probably shouldn't put this one up...but they're cute, and, considering that Sayge and Shaylee are already shower pros, this will probably never happen again...

So, I didn't even take any pictures at our actual Thanksgiving dinner. Whoops! But, here are pictures from Thanksgiving morning, which was the highlight for Bryce and Brandon.

Feeding Cows with Grandpa!!!!

Bryce got to be in the tractor with Grandpa and Sayge and Shaylee; and Mr. Brandon Sir got to drive the pick-up with daddy...

November - Snow Day and Hymns of Thanksgiving

I think this was our first bit of snow here in Boise. We decided to take advantage of it. The boys and I bundled up and played in our backyard.
Bryce was wearing mommy's gloves :) Brandon
Bryce decided to feed Bella snow.
And she liked it.

Our mini snowman
This same weekend, Skye performed in Hymns of Thanksgiving here in Boise. It was quite a production and we're proud of daddy for all of his hard work. Hymns of Thanksgiving is a musical production, consisting of a 300 person community choir, as well as a wonderful orchestra. They practiced about twice a week for a couple of months and performed at the Qwest arena . The night focused on praising God and country. I was grateful that Aunt Shelby came with us because my boys were not in the mood to sit and be quiet, so I really needed her help to enjoy the show.

November - Raking Leaves

We discovered that we have lots of leaves that accumulate on our front yard in the fall. We decided to rake as a family one night and there were sooo many leaves.

Brandon had fun throwing the leaves in the air and jumping in them. BryceBrandon decided it was easier to lay his rake on the ground and place the leaves on top of it. ha!Grandma is a trooper and works as hard as the best of them. And daddy was the ring leader.Bryce was quite the raker and enjoyed being a helper and big kid with a big rake.The fam in one of our piles of leaves.

November - Elk Hunting in Burns

The weekend of November 13th, we went to Burns for Skye to go elk hunting. He went with his dad, Glen Shelley, and Sabrina. Glen was the only one to shoot an elk that weekend, and I don't have any pictures of the elk hunt, but here's what else we did for the weekend.

We went to Auntie Sheryden's salon and all got hair cuts :)

Brandon's new do and first real haircut Bryce's haircutAnd, we took a lot of pictures of these four... ...with this cutieBrandon loves his cousin, baby Mason.They both have a love for balls and had fun rolling the ball back and forth. We had to teach Brandon to not throw the ball and to be gentle...he was pretty good, but he the whole don't throw thing was very hard for him. And, we learned that baby Mason has quite the grip. We had to pry the ball from his hands a few times to attempt to play back and forth with the ball. Grandma bought her grandsons these adorable red-with-white-polka-dots ties. This was before church on Sunday. Bryce, Brandon, and Mason with their Aunties Shaylee and Sayge. Cousins!!!And more pictures of the group. It's fun having this many little ones when we get together because they can play together. Sayge and Shaylee are transitioning from the playmates to the babysitters or little mommies. It's cute to see them re-direct and take care of these little long as Bryce and Shaylee aren't at odds with one another...haha! And, they were sick of pictures by the end of the weekend. You can tell who the obedient children were in this picture :)