Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!



The Root Family

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Happenings...

Some pictures we snapped at our most recent kids party...

 Skye has been writing articles for a water magazine in connection with his job and he was recently the guest editor for an issue on global water markets.  His boss gave him this for Christmas...pretty cool!

One of Skye's best friends from his mission, Blake, came to visit us with his family this week. Here's a picture of the old mission and MTC companions and their kiddos!

And, last but not least, Brandon applying chapstick while grocery shopping with mom!

27 Weeks

I am 27 weeks this week and I had Skye take a picture last week to document. 

At my last doctor's appointment when I was 24 weeks, my doctor used his 3D ultrasound machine again and we were hoping baby girl would cooperate better than last time, so we could get a picture of her. She did a lot better and we were able to get a profile view, even though she had her head snuggled into her arm and wouldn't budge from that position!

Looking at baby with the regular ultrasound machine
 Baby Girl in 3D!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Downtown Santa

Also on Saturday, Bryce, Brandon and I went downtown to meet Skye at his office, after he had been studying all morning. When we were walking to his building, guess who we saw? Santa! He was sitting in a nearby bank. We peeked through the window and the boys got excited. We went to Skye's office and had a few snacks (the boys favorite thing about dad's work), then went back to visit Santa. Both Bryce and Brandon wouldn't go up to him by themselves, but Brandon was fine, as long as we walked him up to Santa's lap. Bryce was a little more shy, but he still wanted to go up to him. After all, he now had the chance to tell Santa that he really wanted a scooter!    

Santa and my three boys :)
Merry Christmas!!! We have been loving all of the holiday festivities. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Book and Nativity

Papa and Nona sent us a few Christmas packages that arrived on Saturday and they were labeled with "OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS" and "OPEN ON CHRISTMAS". So, we opened the before Christmas boxes right away. Bryce and Brandon got a Christmas book and Nativity set. Skye and I got some cute ornaments for our tree and a yummy wassail drink mix. 

The Christmas book is a seek and find book and is perfect for Bryce's age. He loves looking for the hidden pictures all by himself.

The kid's nativity set is a HUGE hit! What a great idea to have a nativity that the kids can actually play with. We set up our nice nativity set (with fragile pieces) a week ago and Bryce and Brandon loved helping set it up, but we had to monitor them closely to make sure they were gentle and not clanging any pieces together. They have enjoyed playing with their very own nativity, and it's been funny to see their very different ideas of how it should be set-up.  
Bryce carefully and thoughtfully set up the scene with the Angel on top of the stable and Mary and Joseph by baby Jesus's side, etc. Then, Brandon came along and decided the Angel did not belong on top of the stable and that only Mary or one of the wise men could be up there, and that Joseph wanted to ride the camel and the rest of the animals wanted to prance around our living room in Brandon's arms. 

Poor Bryce had quite the time coping with this and would just flip out when the Angel was not on the top. We had a talk about how these are toys and it's okay to play with the pieces, and that it's okay if Brandon wants to play one way and you another. Bryce eventually loosened up and did a little more playing instead of getting frustrated that everything wasn't perfect, haha. And, he even decided that it was pretty cool to have Joseph balanced on top of the camel.  

Thanks Nona and Papa! We love our new gifts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Picture to Santa

A couple days after we got back from John and Bethany's house, I was asking the boys what they asked Santa for and Brandon said a pink scooter and a pink ball. (Not sure where the pink came from?) Then, Bryce got frustrated and said he wanted to ask for a scooter, but forgot. So, I told Bryce that he could write a letter to Santa and we could mail it. So, he drew a picture. I was so impressed by his scooter that he drew all by himself that I took out my phone and took this picture.
While Bryce and I were at the table, I asked Brandon to go brush his teeth. I was being lazy and didn't want to get up, so I just sat next to Bryce while he colored. The bathroom is right by us, so we heard the water running and a few thuds and no noise from Brandon, so that made us suspicious, but I was determined to sit for a while and refused to see what Brandon was up to. Bryce even offered a few times, "Mom, I'll go see what Brandon is doing." I just kept telling him "No. Just keep drawing", as if not knowing what was going on would make it any better. Bryce finally went and checked on Brandon and yelled, "MOM! Brandon is washing his hair with soap!" We love our little two-year-old :)

Visiting the Adairs

We visited John and Bethany the weekend before last and had a great time catching up with them. I told Skye I felt like we were back in college in Provo because we have so many awesome memories hanging out as couples in Provo (especially seeing their love sac, which basically took up their entire living room in their Provo apartment)! It is fun getting together now and having two boys a piece to play together; they all had a lot of fun.

We went to a lights festival and even saw Santa! The boys were hesitant to walk up to him by themselves. Bryce told me over and over that he wanted to ask Santa for a scooter, but when he went up to him, he told him he wanted a skateboard. ha. Brandon asked for a scooter and a ball. 

Both Brandon and Bryce's faces crack me up. Brandon looks like a little marshmallow, ha!

Me and my handsome hubby!
Bryce found this dragon rocking chair at the Christmas festival and really liked it. It was all padded and could rock back and forth really well and supposedly is built to stall out before tipping over. Pretty cool!
Bethany arranged a babysitter for the kids, so that we could go to the Columbia River temple together. We also went to Red Robin for lunch afterwards. Yum! Skye had a lot of fun playing with little Zach. He is such a happy baby and really liked Skye!
                                                                         Reading a Christmas bedtime story with their dads
Sunday morning walk around the neighborhood

Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 3: Flying

And, to finish off my Thanksgiving re-cap, one of our biggest highlights was having Skye take us on airplane rides. Skye was in heaven, of course, as it has been a while since he's been able to go flying. Bryce and Shaylee were hesitant to even get in the plane, so Skye just drove them around in it. Brandon and Sayge, on the other hand, LOVED going up in the air.
Ty and Skye flew around for a few hours before the rest of us came to the airport to join them.

Future pilots

Spencer and Sheyanne went on a long flight with Skye after I took the kids home.

Thanksgiving Part 2: Hanging Out

It was nice not having a packed agenda and being able to just hang around the ranch. 

These kiddos got new matching Christmas jammies from Grandma. 
Jana and I decided to do our version of Black Friday shopping...Burns Style. We started with lunch at the Chinese restaurant around noon and then, shopped at three of our favorite stores, which are within a few doors of each other on Burn's main street. :) I really liked this way of Black Friday shopping...sleep food...and a few hours of shopping. ha.

We had lunch with some of the Johnson girlies. Me, Kira, Selene, Nichole, Sayge, and Shaylee.
While the girls were shopping, the boys were hanging with dad and Grandpa, of course. They went out to lunch and Bryce even got to drive the squeeze with Grandpa.
This is what happens when you spend an afternoon working on the ranch...
My pictures are out of order, but Andy, Skye, Spencer, Sayge, Shaylee, Bryce, and Brandon all went shooting.
I'm pretty sure this was a first for my boys...actually holding the gun!
We got to see Ty and Heather and their new baby BOY, Treyson! He is precious and we're so glad it worked out for us to see each other in Burns over the holiday.
Everyone got their turn with baby...
We made our annual Thanksgiving turkeys. We had to be creative because I couldn't find any candy corn in the stores when I went to buy some last minute. So, we made oreo cookie turkeys with fruit loop feathers.
Sheryden and Jeff went to Jeff's family's house for Thanksgiving, but luckily we got to see them on both ends of our trip on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Our real reason of not wanting to completely miss them while we were in Burns was to love on this guy. :) Balen is such a happy, sweet baby and we loved spending some time with him.
Andy and Jana put the boys to bed for us and let us go out to the Burns movie theater one night. 
Me, Skye, Spencer, Shey and our movie snack :) 
Every night was a sleepover and Brandon even joined in a few nights this time. Shaylee was the night owl and had to pretend to be asleep when Skye and I snuck in her room to take these pictures.
 Also, Spencer and Sheyanne joined the Paramore family tradition of going up in the mountains and cutting down their Christmas tree. I'm glad Spencer got a taste of the forest and got to play in the snow up there. They had a bonfire, ate yummy food, rode four-wheelers, and rode sleds. He had a TON of fun, except for wearing his normal, non-waterproof shoes and coming home with wet, frozen shoes and feet. :)
Rivka and Sheyanne