Monday, December 13, 2010

October - My Two Little Monkeys

The boys were super cute for halloween. They were our little monkeys. We had a trunk-or-treat at our church and the boys loved it! Brandon has a little mind of his own and would just wander in the parking lot while we were trying to get him to "trick-or-treat" from trunk to trunk. Each time he got a candy, he would say "open it! open it!". This one time we got him to go from one trunk to the next and he got a piece of candy from the first and then he went to the second and they were handing him a succor, so he handed them the candy he just got from the last car and took the succor. It was cute. Both Bryce and Brandon opened a succor towards the beginning and sucked on it for the rest of the night. I think they would have been content with just that. Although, towards the end, Bryce was really getting into "collecting" the candy. He would take his treat and then smile and look at the candy bowl and wait until he was offered more. ;) Oh, Bryce! Funny, funny boys.

Brandon Our little Monkeys
The Fam (And, no, Skye would never wear Oregon attire just to get a rise out of Boise State fans...)
Brandon and his candy
Grandma was a trooper and handed out candy at our car.
She was a real hit!

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