Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November - Auction with Grandpa

Skye's dad called us up and asked if we wanted to go to an auction not too far away from where we live and we were so excited to go! Can you tell by Bryce's face?! Just look at that line-up of semi's...what more could a boy want? haha!
Grandpa brought Sheyanne, Sayge, and Shaylee along. I had to take this picture of Sayge, Grandma, and Shay because they were the pink girls for the day......and Sheyanne and I were the purple girls, ha! All of us girls stood out just a little bit at the auction; maybe it was because we sat on everything and posed and took pictures. :)The tractors were the main event...
Brandon...what a cutie... Miss Sayge
Brandon was so funny. When we sat him in that seat and he whined at us to close the door, until we did. He wanted to drive in peace, I guess.
Brandon and mommy driving tractor
Shey Shey and Brandon. Auntie Shey just LOVES auctions ;)
Brandon. I see plenty of this in his future. the kiddos
Sayge, Bryce, Brandon, Shaylee Shaylee teaching Brandon a thing or two about rocks.

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