Sunday, November 7, 2010

October - General Conference

For general conference weekend, we went to Skye's mission reunion in Bountiful, UT. He served his mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was fun to see everyone!
Here is a picture of us with Skye's mission president, Pres. Nielsen, and his sweet wife: After the mission reunion, we went to Heber to stay the weekend with the Woodard's!! Eliza and Danny and Wesley came up for conference, as well, so we got to spend time with them. Bryce and Wesley are about 2 1/2 months apart and had a bit of a love-hate relationship, ha! They would crack up with each other and play together, but would also fight over toys and tell on each other.
Brandon, Wesley, and Bryce went on a walk with Skye Saturday morning around the Woodard's neighborhood, while I was getting ready for conference.
We got so many goofy faces throughout the weekend...
Bryce cheesing it up
Climbing is truly their favorite pasttime...on anything, anywhere...
Then, my husband was very, very sweet and walked the boys around Temple Square in Salt Lake, so Grandma and I could attend the Saturday afternoon session in the Conference Center. It was Grandma's first time to go there for conference and we both really enjoyed it. :)
Bryce and Brandon at the reflection pond in Temple Square
I had to put this picture in because it was the only one Skye could get while they were close to the Christus (notice the foot). Here's the story. Skye said it started out very spiritual. They walked around the corner and then stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the huge Christus. Brandon was amazed and said loudly, "JESUS." Then, Skye said they just stared at Jesus for a good ten seconds. Then, Bryce decided to dart towards the statue because he wanted to touch it, and, of course, Brandon followed. That is when Skye said all bets were off and he had to go wrestle the boys and protect the statue. :)
Brandon at Temple Square
My boys
Here are the best friends in the making...
Bryce and Wesley (at Eliza's grandma's house)
Watching hot air balloons out the Woodard's window
Happy Boys
Brandon and Wesley playing the drums. Notice they both have their tongues sticking out, ha!
The trio...I think Brandon was wondering what was going on with these crazy 2 year-olds.
Starting young. I wish we could live here, just to listen to Sis. Woodard play each day.
We had a wonderful weekend and I got carried away with taking pics of the kids that I didn't even get one with the rest of us. Next time.

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