Saturday, November 6, 2010

August 2010

We rented a house in Caldwell, ID from Skye's cousin, Adam, while we were house hunting. We enjoyed living in Caldwell, but definitely enjoy our shorter commute now that we live in Boise.

Our first visitors while living in Caldwell were John and Bethany and Max :)

We got a dog!! She's a Border Collie - Blue Heeler mix and is very cute. Her name is Bella.

We were so lucky to have Aunt Sarah come and live with us for the summer! She went through our whole move with us and watched the boys for us a lot. They had some fun times together and we can't thank Sarah enough for all that she did for us!

Western Idaho State Fair.....including potato ice cream....we're in Idaho!

One of the amazing things Sarah did with Bryce this summer was SWIM LESSONS!

Random Caldwell House Fun - face painting at the Caldwell downtown fair, picking rasberries in the backyard, playing at the canal a few houses down from us

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  1. looks awesome! nice that Sarah came and helped you guys out. I bet it was nice that you didn't have to pay her to do that....just one of the things we had to do to get help from P's side of the fam. Anyway! I am glad you guys are in boise now in your house. I must say shorter commutes are always better :-) Even if mine are only to the closest walmart.