Sunday, November 7, 2010

October - General Conference

For general conference weekend, we went to Skye's mission reunion in Bountiful, UT. He served his mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was fun to see everyone!
Here is a picture of us with Skye's mission president, Pres. Nielsen, and his sweet wife: After the mission reunion, we went to Heber to stay the weekend with the Woodard's!! Eliza and Danny and Wesley came up for conference, as well, so we got to spend time with them. Bryce and Wesley are about 2 1/2 months apart and had a bit of a love-hate relationship, ha! They would crack up with each other and play together, but would also fight over toys and tell on each other.
Brandon, Wesley, and Bryce went on a walk with Skye Saturday morning around the Woodard's neighborhood, while I was getting ready for conference.
We got so many goofy faces throughout the weekend...
Bryce cheesing it up
Climbing is truly their favorite pasttime...on anything, anywhere...
Then, my husband was very, very sweet and walked the boys around Temple Square in Salt Lake, so Grandma and I could attend the Saturday afternoon session in the Conference Center. It was Grandma's first time to go there for conference and we both really enjoyed it. :)
Bryce and Brandon at the reflection pond in Temple Square
I had to put this picture in because it was the only one Skye could get while they were close to the Christus (notice the foot). Here's the story. Skye said it started out very spiritual. They walked around the corner and then stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the huge Christus. Brandon was amazed and said loudly, "JESUS." Then, Skye said they just stared at Jesus for a good ten seconds. Then, Bryce decided to dart towards the statue because he wanted to touch it, and, of course, Brandon followed. That is when Skye said all bets were off and he had to go wrestle the boys and protect the statue. :)
Brandon at Temple Square
My boys
Here are the best friends in the making...
Bryce and Wesley (at Eliza's grandma's house)
Watching hot air balloons out the Woodard's window
Happy Boys
Brandon and Wesley playing the drums. Notice they both have their tongues sticking out, ha!
The trio...I think Brandon was wondering what was going on with these crazy 2 year-olds.
Starting young. I wish we could live here, just to listen to Sis. Woodard play each day.
We had a wonderful weekend and I got carried away with taking pics of the kids that I didn't even get one with the rest of us. Next time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

September 2010

We finally met baby Alden!!!!

In the beginning of September, the boys and I drove down to Utah to drop Sarah off with some friends to drive up to BYU-I together. On our quick trip to Utah, we stayed with Whitney and Patrick. We got to hang out and see baby Alden for the first time! He is a cutie and is so smiley and chill. We went to the Real Salt Lake soccer game with them and Patrick's family.

August 2010

We rented a house in Caldwell, ID from Skye's cousin, Adam, while we were house hunting. We enjoyed living in Caldwell, but definitely enjoy our shorter commute now that we live in Boise.

Our first visitors while living in Caldwell were John and Bethany and Max :)

We got a dog!! She's a Border Collie - Blue Heeler mix and is very cute. Her name is Bella.

We were so lucky to have Aunt Sarah come and live with us for the summer! She went through our whole move with us and watched the boys for us a lot. They had some fun times together and we can't thank Sarah enough for all that she did for us!

Western Idaho State Fair.....including potato ice cream....we're in Idaho!

One of the amazing things Sarah did with Bryce this summer was SWIM LESSONS!

Random Caldwell House Fun - face painting at the Caldwell downtown fair, picking rasberries in the backyard, playing at the canal a few houses down from us

July 2010

Darin, Shannon, and Marlee came to visit us in Oregon our last week there and we had a lot of fun. They were troopers putting up with us literally moving out of our house while they were still visiting. Our adventures included hanging out at our Independence riverfront, hiking around Silver Falls State Park, driving to Burns and then to Astoria to visit Sabrina, Kevin, and Mason, and going to Ty and Heather's Wedding. We got to enjoy Shannon's amazing photography while she was with us :)

Ty and Heather's wedding was beautiful. We are so excited for them! It was great to see so many Burn's boys together to support the new couple. We went to Ty and Heather's wedding with all of our stuff packed up and we headed to Idaho from the wedding.

Justin graduating from BYU-Idaho and we made it a fun family vacation. We all met for his graduation in Rexburg and then went to Yellowstone for a few days and really enjoyed the beautiful nature which was all around us.

Friday, November 5, 2010

June 2010

Skye went with my Dad and Sam to Alaska this summer to tear down a house and beautify a piece of land in preparation for selling it. Skye had fun reverting back to his farmer upbringing and working with heavy equipment. Although they were up there for a full 8 days, they finished their work after 3 days of hard manual labor and were then able to play around in Alaska for a few days.

Just before we left Oregon we went boating with our friends Kirk and Melissa Saxman. Bryce was awefully concerned when we kept falling down while attempting to get up on the wakeboard. Brandon just wanted to jump in the water the entire time, but we all had a really good time.

Skye was the Scoutmaster in Monmouth and decided to do the Woodbadge Training Program. It was quite a process and we are proud of him for accomplishing his ticket items and getting beaded. For one of his several projects his troop built a cross-over bridge for the ward cub scout troop.

Over the 4th of July we had a family reunion for Skye's mom's side of the family in Sunriver, Oregon. His mom has a big family and it had been 5 years since they had all been together. It was fun to meet several family members (even after we have been married for 3.5 years)... We did a lot of biking, canoeing, hiking, and even a little caving. But the camera somehow didn't make it on a lot of the outings.