Monday, October 18, 2010

June - Skye's Graduation from Oregon State!

Skye graduated with his Master's of Public Policy and Master's of Business Administration from Oregon State in June....and he was more than ready to be done with school!! Jana and Andy drove over to be at the graduation ceremonies and we had a great time. On Friday night, they had speakers and recognitions for certain people in the Business program and then the graduation was on Saturday. Bryce and Brandon didn't make it through the Friday night graduation piece, but Saturday went really well for them........because Grandpa bought a huge bag of popcorn and let Bryce hold it and eat as much as he wanted. It kept him quiet and still for hours! ha!

Business School Program: Skye received honors
Me and the Graduate
Skye with his mom and dad

Sarah and Grandma with Skye

Graduation Day:
Skye and his great friend Stephen, from the MBA Program

pics with the family:

kisses for daddy!
He did it!

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  1. yaay! Being done with school feels great! Congrats to Skye!