Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah's Birthday!

Sarah turned 22 yesterday!!!

On Sunday, for Mother's day dinner, we had our neighbors and friends Maria, Carol, and Celia and her kids over for dinner. When we told Maria that it was Sarah's birthday the next day she got all excited and asked what we were doing for it. We told her we were going to make enchiladas for her birthday dinner. Well, the next day, our sweet neighbor Maria showed up at our house with a full dish of her yummy, homemade enchiladas!!!! How sweet is she? So, we enjoyed the great dinner and then, Sarah went to Family Home Evening with some of her friends and then went out to get shakes. When she came back, Skye and I decided that we should go get some DQ blizzards "for Sarah's Bday". So we did. And we sang to her. And she blew out her candles....on grandma's blizzard...since she already had shakes with her friends. HAHA! We love you Sarah :)

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  1. wow I cannot believe how old you girls are! It seems like yesterday we were all at girls camp together!