Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing at the Ocean

While we were visiting, Kevin took our whole gang to the beach so that Sabrina, Mason, Jana, Brandon, and Grandma Maureen could have some peace for a little while. We always love being at the ocean!!!
cute sisters
Within minutes Bryce was soaked and would have played in the water all day. If it wasn't so freezing and if we weren't so afraid that a wave would take him down, we probably would have let him!
They dug canals in the sand and also made a sand castle
Bryce could do this ALL DAY LONG Andy walked pretty far down the beach and found really big, pretty starfish for each of us! (Mom, you would have been jealous!) I'm still upset that I somehow crushed mine in my pocket :(
Shelbs, Me, Shey Andy and Skye:)
the girlies
my hubby and me (with my cute little bow from Sayge)
Bryce completely FLIPPED OUT when we said it was time to leave the beach. The only thing that would calm him down was grandpa holding him.
And, as always, Molly was a highlight of the trip

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