Friday, May 7, 2010

Brandon Turned One!

On April 23rd, Brandon turned one! We celebrated on Saturday the 24th when Rachel and Justin were here. (All of the last three posts were actually from the same day. It was quite the party day!)
The One Year Old with Mommy and DaddyMommy and Brandon....and you can see his little cake. Sarah made a delicious yellow cake from scratch with two layers and ice cream in between. YUM! She set aside some of the batter to make some cupcakes for Brandon's cake. Uncle Justin, the artist, added the blue #1 to it. ha!
He hesitated for maybe a few seconds. Then, starting poking a finger in the frosting and licking it. Then, once he discovered he could dig his fists in, it was all over.
We ended up taking it away from him because he was eating it so quickly! He can pound the food. That's for sure!
This doggy was Brandon's gift from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Justin. He LOVES him. Brandon will hug and kiss the doggy and he's been sleeping with him at night :)
The other hit of the night was a tool set that Grandma and Grandpa got for Brandon, but Bryce ended up playing with it all night! They both love the drill especially because you can pull a string and it vibrates, so it feels like it is "on". So cool!

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