Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing at the Ocean

While we were visiting, Kevin took our whole gang to the beach so that Sabrina, Mason, Jana, Brandon, and Grandma Maureen could have some peace for a little while. We always love being at the ocean!!!
cute sisters
Within minutes Bryce was soaked and would have played in the water all day. If it wasn't so freezing and if we weren't so afraid that a wave would take him down, we probably would have let him!
They dug canals in the sand and also made a sand castle
Bryce could do this ALL DAY LONG Andy walked pretty far down the beach and found really big, pretty starfish for each of us! (Mom, you would have been jealous!) I'm still upset that I somehow crushed mine in my pocket :(
Shelbs, Me, Shey Andy and Skye:)
the girlies
my hubby and me (with my cute little bow from Sayge)
Bryce completely FLIPPED OUT when we said it was time to leave the beach. The only thing that would calm him down was grandpa holding him.
And, as always, Molly was a highlight of the trip

Baby Mason!

Mason Roger Maki was born on May 7th and was 7lbs 2 oz and 20 1/4 in long. Sabrina and Kevin went through quite the roller coaster with the labor and delivery, so we are even more grateful that he is here safe and sound. The new family of three!
We drove to Kevin and Sabrina's house in Knappa to meet baby Mason (first nephew for Skye and me, and first cousin for Bryce and Brandon) a week after he was born.
Uncle Skye
Aunt Becca
and Grandma times three all boys! (with Sayge and baby Mason)
Brandon meeting his little cousin (and me making sure it is a "nice" little introduction). Brandon was a lot more intrigued by the baby than Bryce was at that age, or at his age now, for that matter.
Grandma Maureen holding the sweet baby Mason.
Two little hooligans.......two peas in a pod
Bryce and Shaylee
Brandon got lots of loves from Grandma :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarah's Birthday!

Sarah turned 22 yesterday!!!

On Sunday, for Mother's day dinner, we had our neighbors and friends Maria, Carol, and Celia and her kids over for dinner. When we told Maria that it was Sarah's birthday the next day she got all excited and asked what we were doing for it. We told her we were going to make enchiladas for her birthday dinner. Well, the next day, our sweet neighbor Maria showed up at our house with a full dish of her yummy, homemade enchiladas!!!! How sweet is she? So, we enjoyed the great dinner and then, Sarah went to Family Home Evening with some of her friends and then went out to get shakes. When she came back, Skye and I decided that we should go get some DQ blizzards "for Sarah's Bday". So we did. And we sang to her. And she blew out her candles....on grandma's blizzard...since she already had shakes with her friends. HAHA! We love you Sarah :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brandon Turned One!

On April 23rd, Brandon turned one! We celebrated on Saturday the 24th when Rachel and Justin were here. (All of the last three posts were actually from the same day. It was quite the party day!)
The One Year Old with Mommy and DaddyMommy and Brandon....and you can see his little cake. Sarah made a delicious yellow cake from scratch with two layers and ice cream in between. YUM! She set aside some of the batter to make some cupcakes for Brandon's cake. Uncle Justin, the artist, added the blue #1 to it. ha!
He hesitated for maybe a few seconds. Then, starting poking a finger in the frosting and licking it. Then, once he discovered he could dig his fists in, it was all over.
We ended up taking it away from him because he was eating it so quickly! He can pound the food. That's for sure!
This doggy was Brandon's gift from Aunt Rachel and Uncle Justin. He LOVES him. Brandon will hug and kiss the doggy and he's been sleeping with him at night :)
The other hit of the night was a tool set that Grandma and Grandpa got for Brandon, but Bryce ended up playing with it all night! They both love the drill especially because you can pull a string and it vibrates, so it feels like it is "on". So cool!