Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Walks

We have 9am church and love it! Brandon does just fine during church and usually is asleep by the end of it. Bryce really enjoys nursery, but usually doesn't make it through Sacrament meeting without being taken out to the hall. He is so loud and vocal these days. Some of the things he blurts out are "my go nursery?", "sing song" (and he proceeds to sing), "mo' bread", "p'ay toys"....and the latest is "my say prayer" and then he'll fold his arms and halfway squint his eyes and say "......pray grandma, grandpa...". He is quite the character and always has us cracking up. Skye is with the youth after Sacrament meeting and usually takes Brandon with him, so the youth love baby Brandon.

The past couple of Sundays we have had really nice sunny weather, which is not so common in the rainy winter climate where we live, so we have been taking advantage of it.

Walk #1: Bryce fell asleep, so we had some Brandon time. We ended up sitting outside the community pool because the it was a perfect sunny spot.

Skye and Darin had catch up time as well...on the phone :)
Brandon loved discovering things...
Walk #2: We saw a gate open to a rundown tennis court and decided to play there, instead of at the park and it was GREAT! We closed the gate, so the boys could have the whole area to play and we didn't have to worry about them getting too far away from us.
When we got home from our lovely walk, we were all hungry. We gave Bryce some yogurt to get started eating while we were chatting in the kitchen and grabbing more snacks. When we turned around, this is what Bryce was doing:
He said he was shaving like daddy.


  1. Becca, I miss you and those boys. When are you coming to visit again so I can play with them (and you, of course)?? Also, your ponytail is so long!!

  2. Lauren, I miss you, too. I've been trying to think of when I can get to Texas, so I'll let you know when I figure it out. So, what's your top choice for law school so far??? love you! oh, and yes, my hair is ridiculously too long right now, but I'm trying to figure out if I can donate it (even though I've had highlights) before I just cut it....we'll see...

  3. how much fun! so great that your Grandma is there with you guys!

  4. I LOVE the pics of Bryce "shaving!" He is such a character...always keeping you on your toes =) And and can't wait for Brandon to start walking...not that you really need another one to chase after!