Sunday, March 7, 2010

State Basketball

We enjoyed watching Shelby play with the Burns girls at state basketball this weekend. It's always fun to be with the family. We ate lots of yummy food together, Bryce and Brandon spent a day out with everyone while Skye was at school and I was at work, and Bryce even got to stay the night at the hotel with grandma and grandpa and his aunts.
Shelby had quite the cheering section. Bryce was probably the loudest (and most obnoxious...sorry to everyone around us) fan. He would say "Go Shelby" and "Go Burns" and then he would do a high pitched scream to try and be louder. We even had a group of teenagers shift a whole bench over after Bryce let out one of his screams.... Tons of fun with Sayge, Bryce, and Brooke Sistas All of the siblings
Our little fam with the all-star
Shelby with her padres

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