Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Skye had Spring Break while my parents and Justin were here for the week leading up to the wedding, so they were able to go on walks, go golfing, go to Burns, and play, play, play.

Skye, Bryce, Mom, Justin, and Rachel road-tripped to Burns on Monday, March 22nd. They had a little bit of a rough start with both Bryce and Rachel getting carsick, but after a few stops and rearranging seats, they were on their way. In Burns, the weather was beautiful. They stayed overnight and left Tuesday afternoon. Mom got a tour of the ranch (since it was her first time to Burns)On Tuesday, everyone enjoyed a yummy breakfast, jumped on the tramp, Skye and Justin shot ground squirrels, and they all went out to eat at the (as in the only one in Burns) Mexican restaurant. They had a great trip and it's one that Bryce asks if he can go on everyday ("My go grandma, grandpa's house?", "pay [play] toy room")

Then, on Thursday (March 22) and Friday (March 23), Granddad Phil, Sam, and Sarah came in town.
We have quite the bedtime routine (that lasts far too long, but is fun and the boys like it) and it was fun having everyone in town to join in with singing and storytime. Dad took this picture of our little family while we were singing.
Bryce was being sneaky with a binky because he knows he's not supposed to have one (he must have snuck one in his backpack...sneaky, sneaky...)
Brandon looking cute (wearing Bryce's hat and sweater....hmmm...they pretty much fit...) Aunt Sarah, Brandon, and Granddad Phil
Enjoying his time with daddy during Spring Break

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