Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Birthday Bash

We had three February birthdays, so we decided to have a family birthday bash and celebrate them all together. Bryce was really excited about the birthday party and birthday cake and kept singing happy birthday to everyone. I was surprised at how much anticipation he had. I didn't think he'd really get it since he was only turning two.

Bryce opened his presents from grandma and grandpa on his actual birthday morning - Feb. 5th Grandma on her actual birthday - Feb. 18thAnd our celebration was on Skye's birthday - Feb. 28thI thought this picture was funny because Bryce kept trying to take the candles out, so Skye and grandma had to hold his arms.The birthday kidsSinging "Happy Birthday"Bryce got his first bike from grandma and nona and papa Then, the boys enjoyed playtime with dad :)


  1. So much fun! I love birthdays!

  2. Love the pics with the cake! Bryce is too funny...