Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to blogging...

Life has been very busy for the past couple of months. Skye has been working really hard writing his thesis for his Master's in Public Policy, while he is taking his classes at Oregon State (for his MBA). I have been working longer hours for both auditing and now tax season. The boys are growing up so fast and we are sooooo lucky to have grandma with us to take such good care of them while Skye and I are not at home. I thought I would take a break from blogging until our schedule calmed down a bit, but have decided that life never really slows down. ha!

Some pics from January:

The boys LOVE jerky :) Daddy got them hooked.


  1. welcome back! :-) sounds like you are way busy. So do you have your degree in accounting? do you know of any work at home jobs?

    I love the pics with jerky. Look soo incredibly happy to be eating something so tasty!

  2. Thanks Amy! The boys will gnaw on that jerky for the longest time. And yes, I have my BS in Accounting. I don't really know of any specific at-home jobs, but I know there are lots of opportunities for doing bookkeeping or taxes out of the home. Good luck!

  3. Bryce looks so much like your dad and brothers. It's crazy! They are so adorable!