Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Skye had Spring Break while my parents and Justin were here for the week leading up to the wedding, so they were able to go on walks, go golfing, go to Burns, and play, play, play.

Skye, Bryce, Mom, Justin, and Rachel road-tripped to Burns on Monday, March 22nd. They had a little bit of a rough start with both Bryce and Rachel getting carsick, but after a few stops and rearranging seats, they were on their way. In Burns, the weather was beautiful. They stayed overnight and left Tuesday afternoon. Mom got a tour of the ranch (since it was her first time to Burns)On Tuesday, everyone enjoyed a yummy breakfast, jumped on the tramp, Skye and Justin shot ground squirrels, and they all went out to eat at the (as in the only one in Burns) Mexican restaurant. They had a great trip and it's one that Bryce asks if he can go on everyday ("My go grandma, grandpa's house?", "pay [play] toy room")

Then, on Thursday (March 22) and Friday (March 23), Granddad Phil, Sam, and Sarah came in town.
We have quite the bedtime routine (that lasts far too long, but is fun and the boys like it) and it was fun having everyone in town to join in with singing and storytime. Dad took this picture of our little family while we were singing.
Bryce was being sneaky with a binky because he knows he's not supposed to have one (he must have snuck one in his backpack...sneaky, sneaky...)
Brandon looking cute (wearing Bryce's hat and sweater....hmmm...they pretty much fit...) Aunt Sarah, Brandon, and Granddad Phil
Enjoying his time with daddy during Spring Break

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Down, One To Go!

Skye will graduate in June with a double master's in Public Policy (M.P.P) and Business Administration (M.B.A). Needless to say, he is one hard worker. Last year, he completed all of his coursework for the public policy degree and has been working on his thesis document, while getting his M.B.A. Well, last Friday, Skye defended his thesis for his public policy master's and did a great job! Skye's dad drove over from Burns, and Skye's sister, Sheryden, also came to support him. My parents and Justin flew in town Thursday night for Justin's wedding and timing worked out perfect for them to watch Skye's defense. Skye presented for almost an hour in front of his thesis committee, other teachers, family, and quite a few classmates. He worked so, so hard to complete his thesis document and is very relieved to have it behind him now. After his presentation, we all walked around campus and waited for about an hour and a half as Skye had his oral exam with his commitee.
Luckily, it was a beautiful day.
Oregon State University
Brandon with Grandpa
Me and Brandon. I love the beautiful trees and the old buildings.
Grandma, Mom, and me on campus...waiting...
HE PASSED...Mr. Master of Public Policy We went to McMenamin's to celebrate. We're so proud of daddy!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Youth Temple Trip

Skye and I were able to go to the Portland Temple with the youth in the Burns Ward. We had a great time and enjoyed being able to be in the temple with Shey! (Shelby was sick, so we missed her not being there)
Me with some of the amazing Burns' girls
The whole group of youth. I was impressed by the great turnout, especially considering they had to drive about 6 hours to get to Portland.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is what I came home to Friday night after work...

We are so lucky and grateful to have grandma live with us and help take care of our boys, especially when they're sick and in need of pj's all day and some extra snugglin'.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Much Wrestling in Our Future.....

...and I'm sure Brandon's excited for the day when it's not so one-sided.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

State Basketball

We enjoyed watching Shelby play with the Burns girls at state basketball this weekend. It's always fun to be with the family. We ate lots of yummy food together, Bryce and Brandon spent a day out with everyone while Skye was at school and I was at work, and Bryce even got to stay the night at the hotel with grandma and grandpa and his aunts.
Shelby had quite the cheering section. Bryce was probably the loudest (and most obnoxious...sorry to everyone around us) fan. He would say "Go Shelby" and "Go Burns" and then he would do a high pitched scream to try and be louder. We even had a group of teenagers shift a whole bench over after Bryce let out one of his screams.... Tons of fun with Sayge, Bryce, and Brooke Sistas All of the siblings
Our little fam with the all-star
Shelby with her padres

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Birthday Bash

We had three February birthdays, so we decided to have a family birthday bash and celebrate them all together. Bryce was really excited about the birthday party and birthday cake and kept singing happy birthday to everyone. I was surprised at how much anticipation he had. I didn't think he'd really get it since he was only turning two.

Bryce opened his presents from grandma and grandpa on his actual birthday morning - Feb. 5th Grandma on her actual birthday - Feb. 18thAnd our celebration was on Skye's birthday - Feb. 28thI thought this picture was funny because Bryce kept trying to take the candles out, so Skye and grandma had to hold his arms.The birthday kidsSinging "Happy Birthday"Bryce got his first bike from grandma and nona and papa Then, the boys enjoyed playtime with dad :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

State Champion

Last Saturday, we went to Portland to watch Skye's cousin, Dallas, wrestle in the state championships...and HE WON! We got to see a lot of family and had a great time.
When he won there was so much excitement and screaming from all of the fam and loyal Burn's sports fans that Bryce started crying. We assured him that it was okay and that we were all just really happy, haha!
the state champ, Dallas

all of the family that came to cheer for Dallas

Skye with his cousin, Austin, and his Uncle Norm

Bryce with Auntie Nina; he was saying hi to baby Mason :)

Brandon and Skye's cousin, Keely

He had lots of fun with her because she was patient enough to let him walk with her

with Grandma Root