Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November - Auction with Grandpa

Skye's dad called us up and asked if we wanted to go to an auction not too far away from where we live and we were so excited to go! Can you tell by Bryce's face?! Just look at that line-up of semi's...what more could a boy want? haha!
Grandpa brought Sheyanne, Sayge, and Shaylee along. I had to take this picture of Sayge, Grandma, and Shay because they were the pink girls for the day......and Sheyanne and I were the purple girls, ha! All of us girls stood out just a little bit at the auction; maybe it was because we sat on everything and posed and took pictures. :)The tractors were the main event...
Brandon...what a cutie... Miss Sayge
Brandon was so funny. When we sat him in that seat and he whined at us to close the door, until we did. He wanted to drive in peace, I guess.
Brandon and mommy driving tractor
Shey Shey and Brandon. Auntie Shey just LOVES auctions ;)
Brandon. I see plenty of this in his future. the kiddos
Sayge, Bryce, Brandon, Shaylee Shaylee teaching Brandon a thing or two about rocks.

November - Temple

In the beginning of November, we went to the temple for Family Home Evening to walk around and take pictures of the boys. They love pointing out the temple every time we drive by it. Bryce always says, "That's Jeff and Sheryden's temple; they got married there." We are fortunate to have the temple so close to us.
The boys love pointing out Angel Moroni on top of the temple, so dad decided to teach them a cool trick. He showed them how to lay beneath the statue and look up to get a good view. The boys thought this was awesome!
I love Bryce's arms behind his head and the excitement on his face in this one... And I love Brandon's one hand on the ground and his determined face in this one, ha! Bryce thought the spotlights were drums... and Brandon had to try it out, as well.

Rolling down a hill by the temple...Bryce had it down. Brandon, not so much.


Monday, December 13, 2010

October - My Two Little Monkeys

The boys were super cute for halloween. They were our little monkeys. We had a trunk-or-treat at our church and the boys loved it! Brandon has a little mind of his own and would just wander in the parking lot while we were trying to get him to "trick-or-treat" from trunk to trunk. Each time he got a candy, he would say "open it! open it!". This one time we got him to go from one trunk to the next and he got a piece of candy from the first and then he went to the second and they were handing him a succor, so he handed them the candy he just got from the last car and took the succor. It was cute. Both Bryce and Brandon opened a succor towards the beginning and sucked on it for the rest of the night. I think they would have been content with just that. Although, towards the end, Bryce was really getting into "collecting" the candy. He would take his treat and then smile and look at the candy bowl and wait until he was offered more. ;) Oh, Bryce! Funny, funny boys.

Brandon Our little Monkeys
The Fam (And, no, Skye would never wear Oregon attire just to get a rise out of Boise State fans...)
Brandon and his candy
Grandma was a trooper and handed out candy at our car.
She was a real hit!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

October - Andy and Amy Visit

My good friend, Amy, and her husband, Andy, and their sweet, little Sydney came to visit us when they were traveling through Boise. Amy and I grew up together and I feel lucky that we live only a few hours apart right now. We enjoyed catching up, including talking about...our fams, Andy's flying, their adventures in Hawaii when they lived there for a little while, and Amy's latest triathlon happenings (she's amazing!). Amy is a true friend.

Here are some pictures of the Shinsels:

October - The Farmstead

We went to The Farmstead and the boys had a blast. Their favorite "ride" was the cow (tractor) train.
Dad and Brandon
Mom and Bryce
Bryce also really loved the ride around the pumpkin patch. He was really tired, so he waas pretty mesmerized in this picture.
He woke up really fast when he saw this huge trampoline. Okay, maybe this won as his favorite. We had to finally pull him away from it because he would have stayed there all night. Brandon liked it, but got frustrated when he kept falling down.
Going down a huge slide with dad

October - Sarah's Visit

I have faced the fact that I am a seasonal blogger...sorry.

A few random pictures...

In the beginning of October, Sarah found some guys who were carpooling to Boise from Rexburg and decided to join them, so she could visit us. I wanted to put this cute pictures up of her and Bryce. And, I had to put this picture up because Bryce's face is so darn cute.
While Sarah was here, we went to an Institute choir performance with Shelby; the boys went with dad to a high school football game at the Boise State stadium. They found some friends that they sat by and Bryce and Brandon ate tons of candy because that was the only thing that kept them sitting down.

For Grandma Alice

When Bryce was little, we got a cute yellow hooded towel from Grandma Alice. Then, she made one for Brandon after he was born. I have been meaning to take pictures for a long time and send them, but it is always hard to get them both to stay in the towels long enough to grab my camera. So, In October, I finally had my camera ready and took pics of them in their favorite towels that we use almost daily. Thank you Grandma Alice!
(Christy, if you look at this, please send your mom over to see because I'm so bad at printing pictures and sending them now that we're in the digital world).