Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new wagon

When Skye and Bryce came home from hunting in Burns a couple of weekends ago, they brought back a wagon that Sayge and Shaylee have "grown out of" and we have had so much fun with it already! Bryce is obsessed with it and wants to go on a "walk" every night when I get home.
This was the night Skye and Bryce got home from Burns and we decided to test out our new wagon...

Bryce also is obsessed with taking off his brother's hat.
And the next night (please disregard their varied holiday/mismatch pj's, haha)...
And another walk... Thank you Grandma and Grandpa (and Sayge and Shaylee) for the fun wagon!!!


  1. Becca, I love your boys. Will you please come visit again so I can play with them????

  2. Your boys are so adorable - I love their matching outfits... I also enjoy their mismatching jammies :).

    Nigel is in to taking his OWN hat off - I need to knit him up one with a chin strap!

  3. Love the matching! They are sooo dang cute!...Brandon is pretty big i love it! hehe

  4. they are so cute! That's cute that you match them. I don't even match Amber and Sadie lol