Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Pics

I wanted to take some pictures of the boys with all of our leaves in the front yard, but Bryce didn't want to sit still, except...
to try and feed his brother a leaf...
...and to stare at daddy...
who was working hard on the yard :)
Then, Bryce was off and my attempt at taking photos of the boys became a Brandon photo shoot.
He is such a fun, happy baby and is sitting up really well now.
I love the tongue phase...
Brandon all worn out from the picture taking session.
Then, Bryce and I decided to harvest the rest of the garden, so daddy could clean it up for the year. We have LOVED our garden and have learned things, like planting jalapenos might not be the greatest idea while having a little boy who likes to pick food and taste test. This picture is of Bryce telling me "hot" (trust me, he knows).
Bryce doing what he loves best....dumping anything from one container to another!!!


  1. Becca, your boys are darling! I love Brandon's open-mouth, tongue out smile. What a cute life you have!

  2. Holy smokes Brandon is changing SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to see you guys. I just love my little nephews =)And I miss you all...