Monday, November 2, 2009

Clint and Cassie's Wedding

We went on a 24-hour roadtrip to Baker, OR to see Clint and Cassie get married and then headed back home right after the wedding. The roadtrip turned into quite the bonding experience with our friends Ty and Heather. We took Bryce with us and grandma offered to keep Brandon home with her for the day, since he wasn't feeling well. Well. we got a couple hours into our trip when we realized Bryce was really sick, too. He threw up everything he possibly had in him...and we had to stop probably three time to change his outfit and clean up at different gas stations...or on the side of the road...poor baby :(

Ty and Heather being the bestest friends ever (never complaining) as we are stopped once again cleaning up throw!

Skye was such a good daddy walking around with our sickling and making sure he was finished throwing up for that round before we put him back in the car (Skye did not think this was a picture-taking moment, haha!)

Luckily Heather bought some car spray after our first episode. It sure came in handy :)

But, we made it to the wedding and we were ON TIME!!! And it was so worth it.
Vicki and Skye
Bryce sacked out shortly after we got there.
Clint, Troy, Ty, Clint, Skye
Clint always has the best stories and inevitably they will involve at least one bar fight... Clint and Heather ;) Ty and Heather
The happy new couple....Clint and Cassie

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