Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Vacation: Round Two-Texas

While Skye and I were in Mexico, the boys stayed in Texas with my family. They definitely were loved and spoiled ;)
Sarah was such a good mommy...
She had Brandon sleep on a mattress right next to her and would get up and feed him his bottles throughout the night. Thank you Sarah!
Bryce had a great time with Uncle Sam!

Bryce loves reading books with his Granny
The boys with Grandpa...
Sisters :) Brandon cuddling with daddy, watching the sunset
Rangers Game
We went to a RANGERS game together and had a lot of fun. Bryce made a new best friend "Nack" (as he liked to call Nick). Brandon chillin' in his carseat. I just love how he's sticking out his tongue.
Mom, Granny, and Skye Auntie Sarah and Brandon (still sticking out that tongue)
Always taking lots of pictures together...
"Nack" (Nick) and Sam
Bryce was completely worn out
Samantha and Rachel came, too!! Our amazing shirts
Thanks dad!
Brycie and Aunt Sarah
We had so much fun being in Texas and spending time with the family. We did miss Justin, who was working in Houston and Spencer, who is in the MTC!!!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun - lucky little boys to have such a fun extended family!

    Nigel has the same pirate jammies that Bryce was wearing in some of the pics - they are Owen's absolute favorites and always wants to dress Nigel in them :)

  2. Next time you guys are in Texas you need to totally let me know so we can meet up. Or should I say "'ya'll' need to call us". :) You have a sweet, beautiful family, "little" brother. Love you guys!