Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer Vacation: Round Three-Idaho

After visiting the family in Texas, we flew in to Idaho Falls to go to Burke's wedding is Rexburg! We stayed with the Adair's in Sugar City and had a great time with them. They watched the boys, so we were both able to go to Burke's wedding. We were also excited to see Darin and Shannon and meet baby Marlee! Here are some pictures from the reception. The happy new couple (we only stayed at the reception for a few minutes and we were too lazy to take Brandon out and put him back in his carseat, haha!)
Shannon and Marlee
Burns boys: Mo, Skye, Jeremy, and John
The boys hanging out the night before the wedding
These pictures were all taken on Skye's phone, so that's why they're a bit blurry.

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